Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook fun!

I don't have a phone, said the spider to me,
To keep in touch with those in a far a way tree.
How do you talk with your friends far and near,
Surely the post is too slow I do fear.

So, while I was busy checking out the security settings that I put on my Facebook account, I noticed that there was a chat option in the bottom that indicated one of my friends was online.  I clicked the "chat" button and then we could type notes back and forth.  I also noticed there was a video chat option so we gave that a try as well.  We each downloaded the application and then did a video call.  The opening page (as it quickly disappeared) seemed to indicate that it was run by Skype.

It is fun that you can actually leave a video message as well.

Of course, the friend I was talking with online only lives about 15 minutes away, but . . . ?

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