Friday, January 27, 2012

What to do when you're stuck in a web?

So what will you, asks the spider to me?
Where will you go, and what will you see?
Web 2.0, there's so much to explore,
Come take a look, I'll go open the door.

The possibilites are endless when looking for Web 2.0 applications to explore. I am fairly comfortable working and learning online and would consider myself an “intermediate” technology user. I am the “go-to” tech person at our school, yet I have much to learn.

As I travel into this web, learning and teaching have changed. No longer is the teacher imparting information on students.
It is time for top-down approaches to schooling to give way to the active, engaged, and collaborative teaching and learning relationships made possible by new educational technologies. Teaching in a Participatory Digital World
Teachers are now guides to assist students in creating knowledge and meaning from the vast amount of information they are immersed in.

In order to work with students in this new learning world, teachers must become connected and engaged themselves. In 5 Reasons Why Educators Need to Embrace Internet Technologies, K. Walsh suggests these technologies are important for:
  • professional development
  • the power to engage
  • students use them already
  • it's not going away (it will only grow)
  • businesses want to hire workers who understand the internet
I have kept these ideas in mind as I walk along the web, exploring Web 2.0 tools.

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