Sunday, March 4, 2012

The goods on Glogster

But how did you do it? What did you do?
It looks so complex, with everything new!
It takes some patience and quite a bit of time,
And to set up a class, takes much more than a dime.

My investigation into Glogster had me initially a bit frustrated. I signed up for an account and was trying to create a Glog, but kept running into errors as I tried to upload a video. The video would not load, so I looked up some further information to see what format the video needed to be in and if I was doing something wrong. Then I realized that I had signed up for the regular Glogster, when I should have signed up for GlogsterEDU.

So, I started over again, this time in GlogsterEDU. But, because I had already created an account using my school email address, I couldn't create another. Ugh!!! I ended up using the library email account to set up the GlogsterEDU account. I then restarted my glog and had no issues uploading the video. Hmm???

Once I had the hang of it, creating my Glog was fairly easy, though time consuming. There are so many choices when it comes to images, graphics and text that it takes a long time to pick the components for the glog. I really like the fact that video, images and sound can all be embedded in the glog. I do think, however, that this is a tool for older students given the complexity of it. I do not think I would try it with elementary students, unless I was working with a small, technically advanced group. I think Glogster is a useful tool for secondary students and great to replace paper posters!

I am a little confused as to the pricing for Glogster as well. I created a "Single Free" account. "Free accounts do not offer any student management features." OK - I see now - I am able to see the tabs for "classes" and "students" but can't actually put anything in there, I just get a pop-up for upgrading my license. If I want students to be managed in classes, the cost is $29.95 for 50 students or $99 for 200 students, for a year. 

So, Glogster is rather costly and complex for elementary aged students. It is something that I may use in the future but can not see myself using it with a class at this point in time.

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