Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to use your voice

So what can you do with a class and your voice?
Can the students do it? Do they have a choice?
There are many fun thing to create with Voicethread,
Images, videos and comments of what you said.

Since I can't seem to get into Voicethread tonight, I thought I would explore some resources looking at how Voicethread can be used in education. Here are some of the things I came across:
  • there is a great wiki called Voicethread 4 Education full of tons of resources
  • I really like the ideas in this Google presentation
  • some of the good ideas:
    • creating one account for the class and different identities for each student; students can they respond/comment on something you have posted
    • making up a story to go with pictures
    • displaying student art work
    • recording reflections
    • documenting science 
  • the wiki also has pages specific to various grades with other lesson ideas such as:
    • creating a class "book" Voicethread with each student's artwork and accompanying comment as a page
    • book reviews
  • the wiki definitely has many good ideas

Some other things I noted:
  • the Voicethreads can take quite a long time to load onto a page and the video/audio comments can also take a while to load; would this be frustrating for students?

Bill Ferriter has a good handout for commenting on Voicethreads on his blog The Tempered Radical in the post Using Voicethread for collaborative thought . . . 

That's it for now. 

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