Thursday, March 1, 2012


A thread for your voice? Just what does that mean?
Is it like a web that shows where you've been?
A Voicethread, my friend, is a new way to show
All that you've learned to share with those you know.

I thought it was time to explore Voicethread and see how it works. One of the aspects that really interests me in terms of using Voicethread in a classroom, is the opportunity for students to present information by talking. This will be easier for some of the younger children who have not yet learned how to write and spell. It is also a benefit for students with various learning difficulties. This also makes it easy to present a project in French!

Hmmm . . . strange, but Voicethread doesn't want to load for me tonight. I only see a blank white page. I wonder if this happens often?

I will write about my experiences and may need to fill in some details later. 

After I signed into Voicethread, I was offered the opportunity to learn how to use it with some videos. However, I prefer to just jump in and play around with an application, discovering it for myself. So that is what I did.

I was able to easily upload some pictures from my computer and change the order of them by dragging them around. I could give the images titles as well. I made an identity for myself and my son (still home sick) but could not figure out how to comment on specific images. This actually took me quite a while to figure out! I watched several different help videos that did not really help and then figured it out by chance. It turns out you just put together all the images, with titles and then publish the Voicethread. You then go through the project and can add comments (voice, written or even drawing on the image) at the photos as you wish. So, it was actually very simple once I got past that small glitch!

If I ever get into Voicethread again, I will post what I did!
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