Monday, March 26, 2012

A thread of voices

Conversations in the cloud
Shouts VoiceThread out loud.
So easy and fun,
Students young and old can take it for a run!

VoiceThread is a really neat online application. After uploading some images, students can add their comments/narration using text, voiceover or video. Some of the real power in VoiceThread comes in the ability of students to comment and interact with the VoiceThread; this, of course, is the power of many web applications (Richardson, 2010).

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The flexibility of VoiceThread allows it to be used with the whole class, in small groups or independently and across all curricular areas (Brunvand & Byrd, 2011). Additionally, "VoiceThread enables teachers to capitalize on student learning strengths and preferred learning modalities by encouraging active participation in the learning process" (Brunvand & Byrd, 2011, p. 33). Brunvand and Byrd (2011) found that VoiceThread allowed at-risk students
and students with disabilities to achieve greater success by focussing on individual strengths.

Luke Rodesiler (2010) suggests the following uses for VoiceThread:
  • deconstructing images, advertisements and other print texts
  • analyzing moving images
  • composing digital stories
  • revising and reflecting
The possibilities are really endless. VoiceThread is a fun and easy platform that I am will be using with our Grade 3 students soon!

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