Saturday, February 4, 2012

Education & Social Media in BC

I found this article by Chris Kennedy, the Superintendent of the West Vancouver School District, on his blog Culture of Yes

Kennedy suggests that “British Columbia is leading Canada (perhaps even the world) in the professional use of social media in K-12 education.” He suggests some reasons for this trend such as early adoption of social networking, active news media participation in social media on education, etc.

The reason I chose to post on this article (hopefully still considered “current” though it is ten days old) is because I am just not seeing this where I work. At my school and even in my district, the use of social media to network and create PLNs isn't even on the radar. Despite me encouraging everyone to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, I do not see it happening. What are others observing in their districts?

Kennedy, C. (2012, January 15). Education and social media in British Columbia [Web log message]. Retrieved from

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