Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's all the Twitter about?

You tweet and you Twitter but what's it all for?
It seems like a hassle and almost a bore.
Well, little spider, it really is fun,
I use it every day to get work done.

I must admit that I was skeptical about beginning to use Twitter, as I thought it was just about celebrities writing about what they had for breakfast and other mundane bits of trivia from their daily lives. I quickly discovered how useful Twitter is though, in establishing a PLN or personal learning network of like minded professionals. I use it daily to find the latest research on education and libraries as well as new and exciting teaching strategies and resources.

In Twimpact: Twitter's impact on my week, Noah Geisel describes the things he has used Twitter for in the past week, including:
  • reading dozens of articles
  • attending a TED talk
  • learning about new apps
  • conversed with 16 other educators, most whom he didn't know
I am constantly sending articles, websites and other links to the teachers to my school from things that I have found on Twitter. They are amazing and wonder where I am able to find such things - Twitter - is the simple response.

This cute xtranormal video very simply points out some of the uses for Twitter in education.

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