Friday, February 10, 2012


You need something else to look after the tweets?
Twitter isn't enough to manages your peeps?
Tweetdeck might be a better way for me,
I'll give it a try - just wait and see.

Although exhausted from a full day of work and then two hours at the bank, I did manage to play around a bit last night.

I added Tweetdeck to my Google Chrome browser and played around with it for a while.  I must say that I like how it is embedded right into my Chrome interface and easily accessible when I make a new tab in my browser.
I imported my stuff from both Twitter and Facebook, as I thought this would save me some time as I would only need to check into one place.  However, I didn't like how the Facebook and Twitter were mixed up together so moved the Facebook data.  I think I will play some more, having only my Twitter feeds in the Tweetdeck before trying to add Facebook again.

I like the way the columns are set up in Tweetdeck and how easy it is to add hashtags or lists as separate columns.  I didn't import any of my lists from Twitter as I am not that pleased with them - I may delete them completely and restart with some new columns in Tweetdeck.

I do think this is going to be a better way to manage the information flow in Twitter and I can add new columns as I want to follow various interests.

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