Sunday, February 12, 2012

Social media and education . . . again!

This interesting infographic from looks at the good and the bad effects social media is having on students.

While the final verdict is inconclusive, I concur with the final statements:
 "Social media is now a vital part of life, and academia needs to learn how to effectively take advantage. When social media is integrated with academics, studies have shown serious positive impacts on students."


  1. This is a great visual and even though I may not agree with every point, I like how it makes me think and compare as I follow the chart.

    I saw a similar presentation of the argument of books over ebooks - the results there were also inconclusive - I wonder if that's the point.

  2. It's a very interesting graphic. I certainly agree with its main point: that social media is a part of life, so we may as well use it to our advantage. We can teach kids to use social media responsibly, safely, and intelligently, and hopefully they will end up on the positive side of the charts.