Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jumping into Diigo

Diigo again? For your students this time.
Spider tries to get it all in a line.
Wouldn't it be good to make lists of good things,
For the classes, in the library, would really have wings!

I have received confirmation of my Diigo Educator account and now need to figure out how to use it with a class.  I found this useful site on Student Learning with Diigo that has yielded plenty of good information.  However, I find the best way to learn these things is just jumping in and trying.

So, I jumped.  I created a class and added a couple of students to it.  This gave me usernames and passwords for the students.  I was able to do this without having email accounts, which is good when working at the elementary level.  I also added one bookmark to the group.

I then logged out of my own Diigo account and logged in as one of the students to see what they would see and how it would work for them.  Across the top of the page are tabs like this:

  • In "My Library" the student would see any bookmarks he/she had made.  
  • In "My Groups" would be the groups the student is a part of - in this case, "Les châteaux médiévaux."  
  • "My Network" is a place where the student can follow other peoples bookmark lists.  There is a bunch of photos of people you can follow.  I must say that I am not comfortable having this available to elementary students - it is unclear who these individuals are and if they would be safe or appropriate for my students to follow.
  • "Community" has "Hot Bookmarks from the Diigo Community."  Again, I am not sure that these  are necessary or appropriate for my students.
I am feeling disappointed right now.  I thought Diigo would be useful with the Grade 5/6 class, but I am worried about them clicking on some of these other people or sites connected through Diigo.

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