Monday, February 6, 2012

How's it going?

So how is it going, you've been working so hard?
Twitter and Facebook, no time for the yard!
It's coming along, but it all takes my time.
Thank goodness it is free and not costing a dime!

Twitter Lists
I created some lists within my Twitter account to try to keep things better organized.  I am liking the lists - it allows me to check on various topics that I follow individually, making the entire feed less cluttered.  One thing that I have found (which I read about) is that if I stop following someone, they continue to be on any list they are included in.  There seems to be no way to remove them from the lists.  That is rather frustrating!

I have been trying to engage with Facebook since joining up.  I find, however, that it does not interest me all that much.  I have located some faraway friends.  I have also come across some interesting/fun links from some of my friends.  However, much of the posts seem to be happenings of the day that are of no interest to me.  I find it rather ironic as this is what I think many people think of Twitter, yet I find Twitter quite engaging and useful, but am still trying to figure out the appeal of Facebook.  I am trying to engage and have posted some photos and comments, but I am not quite getting it!  Will keep trying!

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