Monday, February 20, 2012

Pin it here, pin it there

Pin it here, pin it there,
Pinterest is showing up everywhere!
How can I use it in the library?
Will it be helpful, or is it simply ivory?

I am really seeing the appeal of Pinterest, though I have not been using it as much as Diigo. Because I have my "system" for tagging etc. set up for Diigo, I don't really want to switch over to Pinterest. However, I can see how some of my collected bookmarks would fit better into Pinterest. For example, recipes. Rather than having them collected in Diigo and searching for "pancakes," I can keep my recipes collected in Pinterest and see the image of those delicious pancakes. Except, I discovered, not all my recipes have pictures on the page, so there is nothing to "pin" (well, except an image from an advertisement on the page!).

OK - so what about in the library? Will Pinterest be useful for me there?

Here are some ideas for Pinterest for librarians.  Given that Pinterest is so visual, I can see that it would be a useful tool to create boards for student use on projects. Perhaps this is the tool I am looking for to use with classes. Will have to explore this some more . . .

5 Tips for Using Pinterest in Your Classroom

Edu-pinning: Pinterest in Education
Four Ways to Use Pinterest in Education

Good ideas:

  • collating sites for lessons & projects
  • sharing with others - yes it is another social media!
  • grouping/organizing resources - this is useful for students and teachers

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